The Hardest Coins in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kongquest (1995)

There Are Always Three Koins That Boil My Blood.

Why do I still struggle with where everything is in this game?

The moment when I was labeled a gamer was a week or so after my 2nd grade birthday. My friends were amazed that I mostly cleared DKC2 in as little as two weeks. “Poppycock,” I thought, “this game isn’t that hard.” For the most part, that’s true, but damn are there some tough moments including some infuriating hidden things to 100% (or in this case, 102%) the game.

This has always been a down-low favorite game of mine, and it has a lot to do with all the secrets that are so enticing to find. Out of all the Donkey Kong Country games for the SNES, this does the collectible thing the best. The first lacks tangible reasons to collect the hidden things (there is no incentive) and the third has too many things to find (I have higher standards than Kiddy, obviously).

What’s odd is that the 👏SAME👏FREAKIN’👏COINS👏 haunt me to this day. The full development of my pre-frontal cortex still does not give me an advantage. You would think after playing this game for over twenty years, I would have tapped into some collective consciousness that would make me a walking guide book for the game.

No. Instead, I struggle. So let’s reminisce over those particularly difficult secrets.

A precursor to the DK rap. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, consider yourself lucky.


What makes this particular one so dastardly is how congratulatory I was to myself. In a world known as Haunted Hall, you ride a roller coaster while picking up barrels that increases a countdown clock to prevent a haunted ghost from taking your soul. How ephemeral (👻).

A quick jump at the right moment leads to a higher rail and an opportunity to earn a coveted coin that grants access to the “Lost World” locations (a stage where the most difficult platforming can be found).

How smart I was, or so I thought.

However after completing this stage, it still wasn’t cleared. What was I missing? ANOTHER JUMP AFTER THAT ONE.

This was unexpected.

A double jump? A hidden entrance stacked on a hidden entrance? A coin on top of coin? Damnit.


There is an internal logic within a game. Play enough Zelda games and you realize exactly what bombs and arrows can do. DKC2 is no different: after a few levels, you understand intuitively where many of the secrets are going to be and how to solve them.

There was this one particular unwritten rule: DK Koins existed in the world at large while bonus coins were hidden in Bonus Barrels.

Well, until Kannon’s Klaim. Played in a mine shaft, the world has endless nooks and crannies. After aimlessly floating with dixie throughout every corner, I gave up. Then I found out DKC2 did me dirty.

I wasted a lot of time here.

Right outta the gait, there is a Bonus Barrel that is intuitively sensed. All it takes is a floating Dixie to get to.

Simple Stuff.

After that, you enter a typical bonus barrel area. Here, you switch between Diddy and Dixie to propel yourself higher and higher until you reach the end.

Standard fare, but wait.

And this is where the game logic collapses in and on itself. That above picture in DK2 should push you to do what you just did: float to the right as far as you can with Dixie. But, why bother? It’s not like a DK koin would be hidden within a bonus world 🤣🤣🤣. That’s not allowed!


I’m Mad.


Sometimes you just KNOW where everything is going to be. Take for instance Clapper’s Cavern. One of the final mainworld stages, you navigate tricky stretches of slippery ice that slowly unfreeze exposing you to the piranha below.

I bet you it’s hidden beneath the ice!

The whole point of this level is to make you go through the ice parts as quickly as possible. I was CERTAIN that the DK Koin would be stowed away along with the piranha somewhere. Several lives were lost investigating those icy waters.

Sorry Dixie, it was for a good cause!

Little did I know that it would be found in the completely opposite direction. What is out of place in the following picture?

Subtle Hint.

There is only one time there is not a continuous strip of an ice ceiling. A buddy jump above leads you to the holy treasure.



Hopefully Cranky Kong doesn’t catch me complaining!

Other People’s Donkey Kong Country 2 Content:

  • Aaron Pyorke: “It was the middle entry that did the most for the series. A whole hidden world gave players an incentive to find all those bonus areas, and animal buddy transformation allowed for more gameplay variety.”
  • Twentieth Century Gamer: “Having to collect all 974 of the super-rare hidden brass monkey butt coins to see the true ending or whatever is pretty much a surefire way to prejudice me against your game.”
  • Sentimentation Game Discussions: Personally, I am giving DKC 2 a fantastic 9.3 out of 10: it’s one of the best games of its time, despite any gripes that I personally have with it, and it’s definitely worth your time and money!”

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